To supply professionals in the interior landscape and floral industries with the most versatile and economical leaf shine, cleaner, and floral green preservative on the market today.

Advantages of using Pixie Sparkle:

Cost Effective – Economical and easy to use.

Versatile – three products in one, Leaf Shine, Cleaner, Floral Green Extender.

Leaf Shine – Sprayed on plants or floral greens to give them a lustrous shine. Amount of shine can be controlled by dilution rate.

Cleaner – Sprayed on plants or floral greens to remove dirt, chemical residue, and hardwater stains leaving the natural glow of a new leaf.

Floral Green Extender – Post harvest dip treatment can extend the useful life of floral greens up to more than twice as long as untreated greens allowing for pre-greening vases during holidays.